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About Students

Can I only hire Sacramento State students?
No. We have affiliation agreements with almost 200 public universities, community colleges, and private four-year accredited colleges throughout California.

Are international students eligible for employment?
Yes. International students who hold a J-1 or F-1 visa are eligible to work as a student intern. Please call 916-278-4994 for more information.

What is the student courseload requirement?
Undergraduates must be enrolled in and attend classes for a minimum of six semester or nine quarter units. Graduate students must be enrolled in a graduate studies program and carry four semester or six quarter units. There is no unit requirement for summer.

Do students need a declared major?
For positions at state agencies, the student’s field of study must match the requirements listed in the job posting. Field of study can be represented by a declared major or by past and current coursework. The positions are to advance a student’s learning in his or her field of study and introduce them to your workplace as a possible career path.

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